Why fly? – Why we became pilots

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To many people, working as a pilot seems like the perfect job. You get paid to see the world, and it’s front row seats! Though the road to that cloud-surfing job can be both long and winding, not to mention expensive. The job comes with a lot of sacrifices such as being away from your family and working while everybody else is off. However, we still believe that we have the world’s best job, and here are our thoughts on why we became pilots.

Michael @gilbertcojoe: When I was 8 years old, I was on my first plane trip to Rome. It was in Sterling Airline’s Caravelle, and back then passengers were still allowed to visit the flight deck, so I went to say hi to the pilots. The pilots let me  say “We are approaching Rome” over the passenger announcement system, which was huge for a kid like me! I don’t remember anything else from that vacation, and when I got back home, I went direct to the library and borrowed the book “Alverdens Fly I Farver” (legendary Danish airplane book!), and since then, I’ve been an #avgeek.

Today I am working for a major airline in Scandinavia, and looking back, I am happy to have achieved my goal. Though it is a challenge to spend so much time away from my family. I knew what I signed up for, but my kids did not choose themselves to have a dad who is never home, because he has a strange job up in the air. It is hard to know that you are putting them through this.

Magnus @captainmagnus: I went to flight school back in 1985 because I wanted to see the world for free:) And 34 years later I still love the feeling of stepping into that large aluminum tube in Copenhagen and 8 hours later land in the heart of the world. And we do it all together, the whole team on board. That is truly amazing. 

Mike R. @roden737: I grew up right next to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, always wondering about the lives of the people working on those airplanes I would see flying over, places they would go, people they would meet and how great the feeling must be to fly and to be at the controls of a airplane yourself. After 10 years of doing this job I still love that feeling.

Mike S. @rednosepilot: My dad was an aircraft engineer and he would drag me to all kinds of air shows and sometimes even bring me along, while he was working. I later became an aircraft engineer myself and I also got a glider pilot license. I was really fascinated by the skills required to fly a plane combined with the advanced technology in modern aircrafts, and I found my experience from glider flying very helpful when I later decided to take the plunge and become a commercial pilot.

Poul @pollethepilot: Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a pilot. When I was 6-7 years old, I started building model airplanes and when I grew older, I was playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on my computer. I have always found planes very fascinating, so to me, working as a pilot is not just a job, but also an opportunity to engage in my biggest hobby. Today I have a fantastic job but getting to where I am now has required a lot of hard work.