Roster Day – May, what’s up?

Aircraft engine

What are your plans for May? Depending on which airline you work for, you typically get your monthly roster 2-4 weeks in advance, and the roster pretty much controls your life. It tells you when you have to go to bed early, in order to be fully rested for a 5 am check-in, and when it is better to stay awake, so you are prepared for that night flight tomorrow.

Most airlines have bidding systems so you can bid on the flights you want the most, and sometimes you are lucky to get what you have asked for. Other times not so much. Then you either try to get the best out of it or swap with a colleague who has preferences different from yours.

Here are some of the flights we are looking forward to in May:

Mike R (@roden737) : I have a busy schedule in May. 1 week of annual leave and 4 flights: MCO (Orlando), LAX (Los Angeles), MIA (Miami) and JFK (New York). They are all short 24hrs layovers so there won’t be much time for sightseeing. Though my cousin and her kids live next to our hotel in Manhattan, so when I will meet with them when I am in New York. I haven’t seen them for a while so I am looking forward to that trip.

Martin (@theregionalpilot): So which one should I choose? My 35-minute flight from BLL (Billund) to CPH (Copenhagen), or my 35-minute flight from CPH to BLL? That’s a tough one, ha ha. As a regional pilot on a small network, there isn’t much to choose among, unless we happen to get a contract somewhere, anywhere…:)

Mike S @rednosepilot: I am on paternity leave until August 1st, so my roster is completely blank until then. Looking forward to spend a lot of time with my son:)

Magnus (@captainmagnus): At the end of this month I have a flight to Boston and a flight to New York. I am mostly looking forward to the New York flight because I LOVE New York:)

Poul (@pollethepilot): I am really looking forward to my flight to Hong Kong. My wife is joining me, and we are planning to go for a hike to see the Big Buddha. I have 3 full days in Hong Kong, so there is plenty of time for sight-seeing. We will also eat a lot of good food, and the crepe cake from Lady M is on top of my list.