My moment of zen

How I relax and recharge - airline pilot blog

Flying an airplane is not that complicated, and if you are well-organized and interested in what you are doing, it can be both fun and interesting. Though there is more to flying than just taking your seat in the cockpit and pushing some buttons, and every day, there are new decisions to be made.

How much fuel do we need? How is the weather? Is the aircraft fully serviced and safe to operate? Sometimes a passenger might get ill on board, but this happens very rarely, and the large majority of all flights are executed smoothly. These are the days when we can relax, enjoy the view and do our best to make sure that our passengers have a nice flight too.

Even though I love my job, it is always a pleasure to come home. Some people go fishing or go for a run, while others wrench on their car. Personally, I just enjoy spending time with my family, relaxing in my garden. This is how I recharge and get ready for a new day at work up in the air.