March 2019 – Meals on board

Crew meals, pilot blog

On a long flight, food is often the highlight of the day. If you’ve run out of other things to talk about, you can always discuss the crew meal. Here is a sample of this month’s culinary delights:

Crew meals, pilot blog

Mike S. @rednosepilot : I was called on stand-by, dead-heading to Mallorca, so I had my crew meal on row number 5. . Had this breakfast tray on board. Omelet with ham and..potatoes? If you were served this on a restaurant, you would probably be disappointed, but for plane food, it is quite ok. I will give it 4/5…

Crew meals, pilot blog

Poul @pollethepilot : I am always looking forward to the meals on board and I rarely get disappointed. Had this nice tray with steak and , of course followed by dessert and a cup of coffee. No wonder I gained some weight since I started flying for my current airline. I give this one 5/5.

Mike R. @roden737 : Hmm, not sure what to think about this. Had something I assume was chicken together with something mashed, which could be anything, but which might have been potatoes, though it didn’t taste like that. And yes, it tasted worse than it looks. Must be a 0/5 ..

Hawaii food, pilot blog

Magnus @captainmagnus : I am enjoying my holiday in Hawaii and the local food is great! Had this for breakfast. 5/5