Merry Christmas from Pilots Flying!

Airline pilots, Christmas
Airline pilots, Christmas

For most people, the holiday season provides an opportunity to spend quality time with near and dear ones, but for those of us working in the airline industry, December is one of the busiest months of the year, and the December roster is something most of us are looking forward to with a mix of fear and anticipation. Will we get to spend Christmas Eve with our families? Under a palm tree? Or at flight level 350 somewhere over Russia?

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Why fly? – Why we became pilots

Pilots Flying - Pilot Blog
Pilot blog

To many people, working as a pilot seems like the perfect job. You get paid to see the world, and it’s front row seats! Though the road to that cloud-surfing job can be both long and winding, not to mention expensive. The job comes with a lot of sacrifices such as being away from your family and working while everybody else is off. However, we still believe that we have the world’s best job, and here are our thoughts on why we became pilots.

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